One Voice: A Journey Trough the Past and Future of Human Voice, a new digital series created by Asia House Arts and Learning, spotlights the enduring legacy of traditional singing in contemporary cultures in Asia and beyond.

“The most perfect instrument of all” is how Estonian composer Arvo Pärt described the human voice—presumed to be our original tool to compose music. There is no human culture—no matter how remote or isolated—that does not naturally sing. Singing has been shaped into endless forms: a workload bearer tune, a praise for god, or just an exultant praise for life!

There is a general trend in music to work towards more experimental and creative undertakings that aim to deliver sounds in new and more engaging ways, building new bridges for cultural discussion that can be informative without sacrificing quality and which still convey powerful emotions. The main objectives of One Voice are to offer young musicians and vocalists the opportunity to showcase their talent within this spirit, while indulging and educating our audience.

One Voice, will be presented as 30 minutes online episodes featuring interviews and music by our selected artists. What is unique about this format is that it will mix elements of a traditional concert with inspirational narrations and educational content to provide an unflinching look into the way the creative process of these artists works – including filming them during rehearsals and live concerts at Asia House. The episodes will be uploaded on YouTube, Vimeo and FacebookVideo and shared with our audience on a regular basis.

The project, funded by The Fenton Arts Trust, will go live in December 2020 and extend into 2021, and is curated by Juan de Lara (, Cultural Manager at Asia House.

Watch the announcement trailer