New arts membership scheme launched to coincide with 20th anniversary

New arts membership scheme launched to coincide with 20th anniversary

29 November 2016

By Lucy Tomlinson

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Asia House is relaunching its individual Friends membership scheme as Asia House Arts Membership (AHAM). The new scheme will see a series of changes and a variety of further benefits.

Under the new scheme, all Asia House Arts Members will receive a 50 per cent discount off tickets to all Asia House arts & cultural events throughout the year, with priority booking available on exclusive events including private views.

New members will also receive an exclusive welcome pack with a special, artist designed membership card and a tote bag, both printed with Little Rituals (2002), a work by Suki Chan, an artist who has an exhibition coming up at Asia House next year.

The new, reduced prices for annual membership are: individual £30, joint £40, students and 60+ £10. There will be a £5 discount when paying by Direct Debit (not applicable to student and 60+ membership).


Membership includes invitations to exhibition private views throughout the year. Recent exhibitions include Taiwanese artist Ting-Tong Chang’s first solo show in London, ‘P’eng’s Journey to the Southern Darkness’ and an exhibition of the finalists’ work for the ArtGemini Prize 2016.

Asia House will keep in touch through a quarterly letter from Pamela Kember, Head of Arts & Learning, which will inform Arts Members of the upcoming programme highlights.


‘Bridging Colours White’, a dance project held at Asia House, gave attendees the rare opportunity to see a traditional Korean dance performance in London.

As an additional added benefit, if members refer friends or colleagues to join Asia House as an Asia House Arts Member, they will receive a pair of tickets to a cultural event of their choice, free of charge as a thank you.


Asia House holds a variety of Festivals throughout the year at which Asia House Arts Members will also get 50 per cent off the ticket price.

Become an Arts Member today and be part of the future of Asia House. Join here today.

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*An additional £5 will be added to the membership fee if you do not wish to pay by direct debit. This is not applicable to students.