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Mieko Meguro: Xavier Heart / Icy Heart| Art Installation

Icy Heart 2012 and Xavier Heart 2010 by Mieko Meguro

Art installation

Wednesday 8 June – Friday 17 June 2016

This June Asia House will be home to Xavier Heart/Icy Heart – an exciting installation from Japanese-born New York-based artist Mieko Meguro.

The installation will reflect upon the duality of the heart: whilst the Icy Heart objects – crafted from barbed wire painted white – will be placed around the windows in the Library, the Xavier Heart objects – hand-sewn in red felt – will be placed in the fireplace, to symbolise the hearts burning.

Mieko likens Icy Heart to original sin, in that it is an intrinsic part of oneself. Of Icy Heart, Mieko has said that it is a self-portrait, and based upon a fear that someone’s icy heart might scratch her. The installation covering the windows will let natural light come through the barbed wire, representing hope.

Xavier Heart relates to her upbringing. As a child Mieko attended a Catholic school in Japan where she became aware of the period in early Japan history when the Spanish Jesuit priest Francis Xavier colonised the island and deeply influenced Japanese cultural and religious beliefs. Portraits of the priest often depict him with his eyes fixed upwards and an emblazoned red heart placed on the outside of his monastic attire. For Mieko, Xavier Heart symbolises a satisfaction with your beliefs.

Mieko studied art at Otani Junior College in Sapporo. After graduating she worked first for a leading architectural firm in Hokkaido and her research for the firm took her to Scandinavia, beginning a life-long love of travel.

Mieko is the founder and director of 3A Gallery, a contemporary art space in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Since it opened, the gallery has exhibited artists including Dan Graham, Susan Grayson, Josh Thorpe, Wineke Gartz, Aura Rosenberg, Trevor Shimizu, Antoine Catala, Justin Lieberman, Devon Costello, Nancy Haynes, and Jojo Lee, among others.

Recent group exhibitions include Looking Back/The 10th White Columns Annual (2016), White Columns, New York; The Home Show by Asad Raza (2015), New York; Works on Paper (2015), Greene Naftali Gallery, New York; We Are All Cats (2015), Karma International, Zurich; Eating Cultures (2014), Asian American Women Artist Association, San Francisco; Social Photography Ⅲ(2014), Carriage Trade New York and A Drawing Show (2012); Curated by Dan Graham, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp.

To reserve your place at the Private View on Wednesday 8 June, click here. Tickets are free but should be booked in advance.


June 08, 2016 10:00
June 17, 2016 18:00
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