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Film Screening | To Climb a Gold Mountain

From To Climb a Gold Mountain, (Alex Azmi, U.S., 2015), 63 mins

Film Screening

To Climb a Gold Mountain

(Alex Azmi, U.S., 2015), 63 mins

In the 1800s, the Chinese called America Gam Saan. It meant ‘Gold Mountain’ and bespoke a myth of treasures waiting for any poor immigrant willing to sweat blood and tears. But for the women and men arriving on these shores, it was anything but. In the early years, Los Angeles was little more than a small town and from the early, turbulent 1850s through the dark days that ushered in a new century, these ten square blocks including Chinatown, marked the tale of both a place and its people, many of them anonymous, a handful of lasting fame. Throughout its history, women were at the heart of LA’s Chinatown. To Climb a Gold Mountain relates this 160-year narrative through the stories and voices of a set of particularly iconic women, including Anna May Wong and Madame Chiang Kai Shek (born Soong May Ling), representing distinct stages and themes in a compelling and dramatic tale.

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Asia House Digital Editor Naomi Canton wrote a story about legendary actress Anna May Wong following a talk given by Asia House Film Festival Artistic Director Jasper Sharp. Read the story here.


January 14, 2016
18:45 - 20:00
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