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Eat, Move, Live: How you can use your Genes for Good Health and Great Skin

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Confused if coffee is good or bad for you? Annoyed that cutting out carbs isn’t shrinking your waist? Or wondering how to stave off the wrinkles for a few more years? Author, geneticist and skin cancer specialist Dr. Sharad Paul is set to visit London next month to reveal the secrets of our skin, and explain how society’s diets and actions have played a role in shaping the human genome.

Based in New Zealand (where he has conducted over 100,000 free skin cancer tests), world-leading genes expert Dr. Sharad Paul will speak exclusively at Asia House about his new book, The Genetics of Health, which empowers readers to understand their genes to improve their overall wellness by following a diet and exercise plan according to an individual’s gene type.

Starting with the health of the brain, the book covers everything from skin and muscles, to hearts, diets, and stress management. Throughout, Dr. Paul shares key information and provides steps to improve our daily wellbeing—impacting everything from our energy levels to memory retention to our overall longevity.

Dr Paul will also explore how genes may be our blueprints, but not our destiny – and how our diets and actions have shaped the human genome and skin colour. To understand the story of humanity, one needs to know the story of its greatest myth; the concept of race.  Dr Paul will delve into European and Asian skin types (most Asians come under the same evolutionary biology category) and how these have developed unique biological considerations that have major implications for preventative medicine today.

Join us for this enthralling evening where Dr Paul will discuss his findings in more detail and you practical tips on how to improve your own skin and wellbeing.




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April 17, 2018
18:45 - 21:00
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Asia House
63 New Cavendish St, London, Gt Lon W1G 7LP United Kingdom
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