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A Collage of Dreams (Fusion Music)

Celebrating the unique ties between Singapore and the UK over the past 50 years, A Collage of Dreams (Fusion Music) sees arranger Mark Troop with Yin Yang Collective, Britain’s first Chinese-Western music band and Singaporean British composer/musician Liz Chi Yen Liew, perform a dazzling mix of folk music from both countries and original pieces inspired by both cultures.

Blending the xiao (Chinese flute), guzheng (Chinese plucked zither), erhu (Chinese violin), pipa (Chinese lute) and zhongruan (Chinese plucked instrument) with the electric violin and keyboard, their set includes a medley of pieces reflecting each of Singapore’s multi-ethnic cultures, UK folk tunes re-imagined on Chinese instruments and modern fusion cross-over pieces with a sprinkling of recognisable Singaporean tunes.

Come and be swept away on this celebratory journey! This year Singapore has held nationwide events to mark 50 years since it became an independent state.

Who are the Yin Yang Collective? Read an interview with the founder of the London-based East West fusion band Mark Troop here. 

Listen to Liz Chi Yen Liew perform below:

You can hear more clips of Liz Chi Yen Liew on Soundcloud here.

Beneath is a video of Yin Yang Collective performing at Asia House in 2014:-


November 23, 2015
18:45 - 20:30
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Asia House


Asia House
63 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 7LP United Kingdom

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