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Artist as Nomad – Live Performance

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Dance Performance

Artists: Christopher Matthews, Huw Lemmey & Amaara Raheem

Christopher Matthews and Huw Lemmey in dialogue with an improvised performance followed by a live performance for a seated audience by Amaara Raheem.

Guests can experience an improvised performance with choreographer Christopher Matthews in dialogue with Huw Lemmey, as well as visit the video installation in the Studio before or after the dance performance by Amaara Raheem. The video installation will remain open until 21.00.

‘Hestia’ Dance Performance by Amaara Raheem (This starts at approximately 19.30 and lasts 40 minutes.)

Hestia, Greek Goddess of the Hearth, was one of the most honoured deities. Described as imposing, discreet, immobile, and calm, she presided over the centre of the Earth, the centre of home, desiring neither change nor adventure. However, in as much as she reigned over the household, Hestia, Goddess of Settlement, also presided over the state and the establishment of new colonies.  The live performance of Hestia puts to question our relationship to home from the viewpoint of migration, precariousness, imbalance, inhabiting the edgelands of place and race.

Christopher Matthews and Huw Lemmey in dialogue

Guests will encounter a dialogue between artist Christopher Matthews and writer Huw Lemmey that address and enact topics that have arisen during Matthews’s year long, Creative Works, London Residency at University of Roehampton.  Matthews’s engagement with the Artist As Nomad project will form the basis of their discussion, demonstrating some of the key issues the residency evoked such as cultural citizenship, nomadicity, and the sense of place and displacement.  The spectator will experience the work through a mediate space that mimics the procedures for an immigration interview.

Christopher Matthews (choreographer & video artist) is an American choreographer and artist based in London with a background as a dancer, performance artist, photographer, video artist, teacher and choreographer for commercial television. His practice includes creating site-specific improvisations for video, exploring modes of connectivity between body and the environment. Although his dance training is rooted in ballet and commercial dance, Christopher has worked with a range of artists such as Xavier le Roy, Tino Seghal, Simon Forti and Yvonne Rainer who create experimental dance art works.

Amaara Raheem (choreographer, writer and performer) is a Sri Lankan-born Australian dance artist living and working in Britain. Her work embodies multi-layered experiences of inbetweenness and she investigates ways of living in relationship to space / place. Her relationship to place is on the one hand rickety and disposable, and on the other, compulsive and demanding, and it is through this lens that Amaara investigates and articulates how we live in relationship to space and place.

Artist as Nomad project conception

Examining notions of travel, work, home, movement, independence and inter-dependence, Artist as Nomad brings together film, live performances and talks by Christopher Matthews, Amaara Raheem and Dr. Sara Houston.

Artist as Nomad began with a series of residencies at the University of Roehampton in London’s Department of Dance, which invited emerging artists to consider the nature of mobility, cultural cartography, creative citizenship and what to pack when making work on the road.

A year-long journey into mobility culminates in a series of actions, gestures, words, recorded images, sound and text in a playful and insightful week of dance-art presented at Asia House.

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Artist as Nomad is a partnership between Creativeworks London, Roehampton Dance and Asia House.



July 18, 2014
18:45 - 20:00
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Asia House


Asia House
63 New Cavendish St, London, W1G 7LP United Kingdom

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