Ask the Expert. Glaire Anderson

Discover more about the Golden Age of Andalusi art.

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Podcast. Iraq: Seeking inspiration in tradition – Mysa Kafil-Hussain and Juan de Lara

Mysa explores the changes that Iraqi art went through to form a unifying identity across the nation.

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Podcast. Discovering Arabia – Robert Hoyland and Juan de Lara

Hoyland unveils the multi-cultural and cosmopolitan world of ancient Arabia.

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Event. Stories As Change – Oliver Wilkins

A talk to reflect on how storytelling can reconnect communities with their heritage and identity

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Ask the Expert. Ladan Akbarnia

Discover more about the curatorial aspects of museums and their engagement with Islamic art collections. 

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Podcast. Searching for Minarets in the Mountains – Tharik Hussain and Seif El Rashidi

Hussain discovers stories of Muslim Europe, and reveals the hidden heritage of Muslim Britain.

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Ask the Expert. Zeynep Yürekli

Discover more about Ottoman art and architecture, Sufi art, and manuscripts.

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Podcast. Why Art History?! – Wendy Shaw and Juan de Lara

Wendy Shaw reflects on the importance of Art History as a tool to engage with the on-going narratives we generate about our diverse world.

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Podcast. Art, Revolution & People’s Voice – Bahia Shehab and Seif El Rashidi

Discover the work of Bahia Shehab, who helps develop a new generation of creative minds through arts education.

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