The Mewar Ramayan
Indian manuscript of Ramayana reunited after 150 years

A centuries-old illustrated manuscript of a Hindu epic has been reunited online.

A rare photographic exhibition showcasing the culture and lifestyle of the Kazakh Eagle Hunters by Beshlie McKelvie
Kazakh eagle hunter photos to be exhibited at Spring Fair

The photos document the culture of Kazakh nomads who hunt with golden eagles in remote mountains.

Rana Dasgupta discusses his book with Amelia Gentleman at Asia House
‘Hyperconsumerism has led to cultural despair in Delhi’

Delhi has been ruined by corruption and materialism, claims British Indian author Rana Dasgupta.

German graduate Jakob Thomae, 24, who completed his BA in Turkish at Bogazici University, Istanbul
Learning Arabic, Farsi and Turkish demystifies the region

As Nowruz nears, discover the benefits of speaking the languages of the people that celebrate it.

Hanif Kureishi will discuss his controversial novel The Last Word at The Asia House Bagri Foundation Literary Festival
Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival programme unveiled

Hanif Kureishi will headline the Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival 2014.

A still from A Prayer for Rain, a film about the Bhopal gas Tragedy
Bhopal Gas Tragedy film in talks with Western distributors

The feature film is aiming for a UK/USA release before being released in India.

A still from Kami's Party
Despite censorship hurdles, Iran has achieved world renown for its cinema

Philosophically complex and often artistically innovative films are made in Iran.

A still from A Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain
Asia House Pan-Asia Film Festival review: Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain

This is more than a movie about Bhopal, it is a heart-warming film about Indian life.

A still from The Missing Picture
Oscars entry reflects victims’ tales of Cambodian genocide

The clay figurine movie reflects the survivors' memories of the Cambodian genocide.

A still from The Missing Picture
Transcending a difficult past: Cambodian cinema

Cambodian cinema is witnessing a resurgence but the population prefers Hollywood.