Amartya Sen in the Asia House Library
Amartya Sen: India’s healthcare and education is in a mess

In an interview with Asia House, the Indian economist said even Gujarat was not worth emulating.

Fuchsia Dunlop and 2013 Yan-kit So winner Mirabelle Lý Eliot discuss Mirabelle's research trip to Vietnam
From baguettes and condensed milk to inside Buddhist pagoda kitchens

Yan-kit So Award winner Mirabelle Lý Eliot gave a presentation about Vietnam at Asia House.

A farmer at Duc Son pagoda poses next to the mushrooms that he grows for nuns.
A culinary journey and insights on life in Vietnam

Our 2013 Yan-kit So Award winner writes a blog about her adventures in Vietnam.

Asia House's first Performer in Residence Yong Min Cho directs tomorro's Bridging Colours - White performance at Asia House
In the House – Korean dancer and choreographer Yong Min Cho

The director of Bridging Colours-White spoke to Asia House ahead of the June 13 performance.

Lord Bhikhu Parekh spoke about the contribution of Indian soldiers to the Great War at Asia House
Lord Parekh: The contribution of India to World War One was colossal

Lords Parekh reveals the huge contribution British India made to WWI.

The panellists at the session New Pan-Asian Fiction held at Asia House
‘The latest Asian fiction is no longer about differences – but what people share’

Roopa Farooki, Romesh Gunesekera and Xiaolu Guo, discussed the current status of Asian fiction.

Adrienne Loftus Parkins and Thai author Tew Bunnag at Asia House
Thai author Tew Bunnag’s work with the dying helped him write his latest novel

Bunnag discusses Curtain of Rain which is about traditional and modern values in Thailand.

Peter Popham who wrote the biography of Aung San Suu Kyi , The Lady and the Peacock, which was published in 2010.
Biographer: Aung San Suu Kyi’s popularity has fallen but she wants change in Burma

Peter Popham examines the mindset of Aung San Suu Kyi now that she is in the Burmese Parliament.

Moni Mohsin, Sally Howard and Shereen el Feki discuss Changing Sexual Mores at Asia House
Changing Sexual Values in Asia and the Middle East

Authors discussed how sexual relationships are changing in Asia and the Arab world.

John Keay, author of Midnight's Descendants: South Asia from Partition to the Present Day, at Asia House
‘Mountbatten admitted Partition was a bad idea and no one is sure Jinnah even wanted it’

Author John Keay shares insights into the Partition of British India.