Oyaki grilling over smouldering coals in Nagano City
From Sasebo Burgers to Okonomiyaki, Japanese cuisine is more than sushi and noodles

Celia Plender discovers pancakes, steamed buns and burgers, all with a regional twist, on her trip.

Asia House Literature Programme Manager Jemimah Steinfeld (left), Alec Ash (centre) and Rob Schmitz (right). Chinese today are dreaming for much more than material wealth and their dreams are more individualistic than in the past. This was topic of the literature event 'Chasing dreams: the common man in China today' held at Asia House.
Chinese life goals have shifted from making money to finding meaning, say authors

China-based authors Rob Schmitz and Alec Ash reveal what the young Chinese today really want.

Canan Maxton, founder of Talent Unlimited, says the Music Futures Festival, which takes place at Asia House in September, will be a wonderful way to escape the "chaos of London." The Festival showcases rising musical stars from Asia and Europe.
Classical arrangements of Coldplay and a composition for Syrian children will open music festival

The founder of Talent Unlimited gives an interview about this year's Music Futures Festival.

One of four kinetic taxidermy crows with computer circuits exposed in their stomachs created by London-based Taiwanese artist Ting-Tong Chang for his first solo exhibition in London which continues at Asia House until 2 September
Taxidermy crows in Taiwanese artist’s show symbolise competitive nature of artworld

Ting-Tong Chang's exhibition features stuffed dead crows with computer circuits in their stomachs.

Chinatown in San Francisco
Being a famous Chinese-American is an ‘impossible burden,’ says author

Peter Ho Davies, author of The Fortunes, gives an interview ahead of his talk on 22 August.

Three young Chinese Red Guards from the Cultural Revolution.
The cult of the mango in the Cultural Revolution

Jemimah Steinfeld explains how mangoes, shaped liked the sun, came to symbolise Mao.

Celebrated author and veteran India correspondent Sir Mark Tully is pictured speaking to a gathering of members of the Indian Journalists' Association in London where he spoke about India prime minister Narendra Modi's first two years in office
Sir Mark Tully: ‘So far Modi has done nothing about reforming the administration of India’

The veteran author and broadcaster shares his views on Narendra Modi's first two years in office.

Adonis Haxholli, 14, from Haverstock School in London, receives his Amazon vouchers after being told he has won the poetry prize in the Asia House Student Writing Competition 2016. He is seen with a representative from Eastside Educational Trust at a writing workshop held at Asia House
A poem about Kosovo among the winners of the Asia House Student Writing Contest

More than 500 students from schools across the UK entered the competition this year.

Philip Kim, editor of The Asia Literary Review, admires the artwork in the Asia House Gallery with a guest.
Art aficionados and business leaders celebrate Asia House’s 20th anniversary

A white-gold themed dinner and live auction was held to mark 20 years since Asia House was founded.

Journalist and author Mei Fong spoke about her book ' One Child: The Story of China's Most Radical Experiment' at Asia House
Rising house prices and shortage of brides are cost of China’s one-child policy, claims author

Mei Fong spoke about her book 'One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment.'