Exploring the modest fashion industry

Asia House Arts hosts some of the biggest names in modest fashion.

Asia House hosts screening about architect Louis I. Kahn

Filmmaker Sundaram Tagore joined us to talk about his latest film.

Discovering the art of the oud

Egyptian artist Joseph Tawadros performs at Asia House.

Vazha Pshavela
Celebrating Georgian poet Vazha Pshavela

Asia House celebrated all things Georgian through a cultural evening of art, poetry and song.

The Sages
The Sages live at Asia House

The Sages were met with an enthusiastic audience, who were left yearning for more.

In conversation with Joseph Tawadros

Asia House speaks to the oud player ahead of his solo concert.

Rana Begum in conversation

The visual artist discussed her work with Anne Barlow, Director of Tate St Ives.

Japan’s influence on Van Gogh

Van Gogh expert, Martin Bailey, speaks at Asia House.

Hamid Naweed: Afghan Lapis Lazuli and the Shrines of Power

Exploring the ancient link between humans and the lapis lazuli.

Discovering Freddie Mercury’s hidden roots

The rockstar's biographer, Lesley-Ann Jones, joins us at Asia House.