Dance, music, theatre and other performances

“I think that there is a sort of spiritual power that is translated into our bodies as we perform. Performers give, and giving is so important. It can heal. That is my experience, anyway.”
Yoko Ono

The Arts and Learning programme at Asia House is dedicated to bringing to audiences in London the most diverse and cutting edge Asian performing arts of today.

We have access to and present innovative dancers and choreographers from Asia, as well as those who belong to the Asian diaspora. We showcase performances from more than 40 countries, mixing the traditional with the contemporary, offering opportunities for the audience to simply watch as well as events where there is a high level of participation. Performers range from those trained in classical dance and music,  to those who reflect ancient rituals to modern and contemporary interpretations.

Dynamic and thought-provoking performances include, but are not limited to, theatre, concerts, readings, puppetry, poetry, stand-up comedy, family and educational events, and professional storytelling. Alongside performances we offer talks, workshops and screenings to integrate and expand cultural expressions of Asian art forms locally.

Our principal aim is to provide a platform for established and lesser known artists in all aspects of the performing arts. Our performances also chime with other aims, such as encouraging cultural exchange and a dialogue between Asian nations around the world, from Turkey through to the Pacific. We seek to highlight diverse cultural experiences – and similarities – and show how these have informed perspective practices to date.

Recent highlights of our programme include:

Silence: A Day at the Temple, when two Korean dancers created a meditative temple experience at ASia House, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre UK.

Musicians from the Zhihua Temple Beijing performing traditional Chinese music in collaboration with the British Museum.

NoName Trio, a contemporary UK-based Iranian band fusing jazz with traditional sounds.

Bridging Colours-White, a traditional Korean dance performance.