Connecting Cultures

Events dedicated to further the diversity of cultures in Asian countries

Each year, under the umbrella of the Connecting Cultures series, Asia House showcases the most creative and contemporary face of an Asian country through a series of events that focus on cultural heritage, traditions, festivals and cultural activities across all art forms.

These popular themed series attract a diverse and enthusiastic mix of local and Asian audiences engaging in inter-cultural dialogue.

We focus on younger audiences who are potential opinion formers and future leaders for which Asia House has built a dedicated members base.

Working in close partnership with cultural organisations, curators and heritage groups, Asia House aims to forge ties between European and Asian countries to build greater cooperation and awareness of the many shared values as well as complex diversities between nationalities, languages and ethnic groups in the region.

Previous Connecting Cultures events have included:

Kekkon – Japanese wedding costumes

Indonesia Inspired

Iranian Summer School

Songkran Festival and Buddhist New Year celebration

Science in Islam season