Episode 6. The Gardens of Palestine – Lara Zureikat and Seif El Rashidi

Gardens have had a special place in mankind’s history, from the Garden of Eden to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, humans have always attempted to surround themselves with nature. Gardens in Islam have also been a popular design device that was present in many houses or palaces. 
The Palestinian Museum Gardens are an exploration of landscape as an expression of identity at the intersection of nature and culture. The gardens represent the dominant role of the natural landscape in Palestinian life, and tell the story of its people through the various plants that sustain it, both physically and culturally. Lara Zureikat talks about the challenges and virtues of this epic project in Palestine and that joined the sweet smell of rosemary and the fragrance of thyme.

This podcast is part of Asia House Arts in Isolation Series and Converging Paths, an initiative organised in partnership with the Barakat Trust that promotes the arts and cultures of the Islamic World.



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