Words, stories, ideas from Asia and the diaspora

Anna Temby introduces the 2018 Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival

The Chilli Bean Paste Clan, Chapter 1 – An Extract

Exciting excerpt from 'The Chilli Bean Paste Clan' - Chapter 1

We are looking for Administrative Volunteers

Exciting opportunities for enthusiastic volunteers to support the team

Evolution of South Korean Fashion and Makeup Culture

We learn on the history of contemporary South Korean fashion that shaped the future of the country.

Michael Vatikiotis concerned about rising intolerance in Southeast Asia

The 'Blood and Silk' author spoke on emerging trends in the region at Asia House.

Review: Chim↑Pom | ‘Why Open?’ | White Rainbow

On Chim↑Pom, one of Japan's most stimulating artist collective, current show in London.

Juan de Lara appointed as the new Arts Programme Manager

Asia House announces the appointment of Juan de Lara as Arts Programme Manager.

Shashi Tharoor felt “moral urgency” to write new book amid rise of Hindu nationalism

The prominent author spoke to Asia House about his new book 'Why I Am A Hindu.'

A History of Love: Three Thai Literary Classics and Their Meanings Today

Professor Pusak Phongpaichit and Dr Chris Baker's lecture at Asia House

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