Asia House Arts and Learning Programme focuses on Ancient and Modern Cultures

The Asia House Arts and Learning programme will look at ancient and modern cultures

We’re looking for Volunteers!

The Arts and Learning Programme at Asia House is the not-for-profit division of the organisation’s a

Peter Frankopan shares themes and inspirations behind ‘Silk Roads’

The author took part in a compelling discussion at Asia House.

Love will conquer

Hande Eagle talks to Turkish poet Karin Karakaşlı to talk about her life and work.

The Festival has ended, but summer is just starting

The Festival focused on the human condition, social issues, and long-forgotten pasts.

East meets West: Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival 2017 programme

The Festival will focus on the human condition, social issues, and long-forgotten pasts.

In this tribe at least it’s a woman’s world

The earliest celebration of what we have come to know and celebrate across the world as Internationa

Terracotta Army possibly inspired by other cultures yet made by Chinese artisans: archaeologist

Dr Li Xiuzhen held a talk at Asia House in London in an attempt to clear up the mystery over who bui

The rise of translated fiction from Asia

We spoke to ALR’s Managing Editor Phillip Kim and Editor-in-Chief Martin Alexander.

The Best Asian books of 2016 – chosen by the experts

Another year draws to an end and what a year it has been for Asian literature. There have been some